I can reduce my home electricity bill with free (and clean) solar power.

ISIS solar can offer you savings on your electricity bill of £300 a year* for 25 years completely free of charge.
Call us to find out how you can start saving today.

Free installation

You don't pay us anything, ever.

We will set up your home with everything needed to benefit from cheaper, cleaner electricity year after year.


Your home will have access to free solar electricity for 25 years.

If prices for standard electricity rises your savings will increase.

Free maintenance

ISIS solar will maintain all the solar equipment for 25 years free of charge, ensuring you can benefit from clean solar power without interruption.

And eco-friendly!

Solar energy is clean and secure.

ISIS solar helps you reduce pollution and reduce your carbon footprint.

How does it work?

If you own a house with a clear south-facing roof that is un-shaded you may be eligible for ISIS solar's offer of free solar power.

ISIS solar will install, operate and maintain a 3kW solar system on your roof. You can use all of the electricity it generates and never have to pay us anything.

How much will it cost?

Nothing. ISIS own the system and there is no charge to you ever. ISIS makes its money from the Governments new Feed in Tariff.

The Feed in Tariff was introduced by the government to encourage the renewable generation of electricity. The scheme guarantees a minimum payment for renewable electricity generated and exported for 25 years. These payments are made in addition to the electricity generated by the solar installation.

Find out more about Feed in Tariffs here

How much will I save?

It depends on how much you currently pay and when you use electricity but we think £300 a year would be typical. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with a personalised quote.

Is England sunny enough?

Yes. England has about the same amount of sunshine as Germany, a country with 10,000 megaWatts of solar panels installed.

The system will produce more electricity in the summer than winter but even on the darkest days it will work.

Will I notice a difference?

Only to your bills. Your lights will glow just as bright, your shower just as hot. Your energy supply will remain the same quality and power as it is today.

What happens if I sell my house?

The solar panels remain on the property. We think a house with its own free, clean electricity supply is an attractive prospect for a buyer.

Can I buy a system from you?

If you prefer, ISIS solar is happy to sell you a system to meet your needs. Please contact our consultants to receive a quote.